The Big Legends.

Category: Shonen, Comedy, Ecchi.

The Urom universe – a world filled with super-heroes and villains – comes into an end and the power of some of the greatest heroes of this universe was stolen and inserted in five energetical crystals by Agucom, the responsible of the destruction of this universe. Urom, the only survival, escape with the crystals and try to go to an alternate reallity. But Agucon hits Urom at the moment of the escape to the portal that leads to another reallity that heroes never existed and beyond his body suffers a strange change, the Crystals were lost. Now Urom has to find the other versions of the heroes Black Harpy, Celestica, Gorgom, Brit Girl and Casco and gave them the crystals and save their universe. But the problem is: They not look as their conterpart of Urom universe and they are just normal teenagers who could not receive well the ideia of be heroes and save the world.

The Big Legends is a project in partnership of Toonsfera Studios with Urom Comics, with characters of Glauco Torres Grayn. Originally in comic version and know as The Big Masters, the Manga version is an old desire of Glauco as a way to reach a new audience for him, the manga readers.

For the project to be done (in english and brazilian portuguese), the Patreon goal for The Big Legends must be reached.

Se some Low-hes samples.

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